Practical Solutions for Cannabis Disputes

Conflict within workplace organizations, among neighbors, and between businesses and regulatory authorities has become ever present due to the legalization and expansion of the use of prescribed medicinal cannabis, and in certain states, recreational cannabis.

Misunderstandings about how the other side sees the need for their use of cannabis has led to the perpetuation of cannabis related  workplace conflicts. Through joint problem solving, we can work with and provide training to company management, human resources personnel and union leadership to develop strategies and policies that are mindful of the need for cannabis use accommodation for employees. The results from our collaboration have been the enhancement of a respectful and inclusive workplace.

We can offer the right sized dispute resolution process approach, be it through facilitation, negotiation, mediation, early neutral evaluation, or arbitration, that can fit the needs of the parties to pre-empt or resolve the escalation of their cannabis related dispute.  Our members are licensed and certified mediators, arbitrators, and lawyers who have assisted disputants to resolve their matters in an expeditious and cost-effective way.

As jurisdictions grapple with the expansion of cannabis legislation, policy makers have been placed in the position to design by-laws and regulations for the first time that will maintain an orderly co-existence between cannabis users, retailers and cultivators within its community. Our team of government legislation policy advisors have provided reports and recommendations to elected legislators, bureaucrats and civil servants across large and small municipalities about considerations they need to be mindful of when designing and drafting new local cannabis legislation.


Areas of Expertise

Educate the workplace on medicinal cannabis and understanding the obligations related to return to work, accommodation and safety sensitive positions

Inform patients and medical professionals of the utility of medicinal cannabis and the applicable regulations and legislation

Train managers, employees and health care practitioners on how to effectively communicate their needs and concerns about medicinal cannabis consumption, and how to comprehend functional assessments and recommendations by professionals

Assist with revisions to workplace policies and procedures regarding fit-to-work requirements
Design and maintain respectful workplace and conflict management systems

Interact with residents, property management and boards of directors of multi-residential housing, such as condominiums, where cannabis nuisance and rules and by-laws are at issue

Provide contractual interpretation and resolution of breach of contract disputes in commercial relationships